Unusual Street Foods From Around the World

If you’re interested in trying local street food, here are a few of the most unusual, delicious and affordable options. Colombian street food include Arepas. French fries, also known as Poutine, have their origin in Belgium. And the Taiwanese invented Bubble tea in the 1980s. Both are delicious, greasy street foods. Read on for more information! And get ready for a flavorful, international street food adventure! This article will help you find the best options for your next trip!

Arepas are Colombian street food

Arepas are one of the most common and representative foods in Colombia. These sweet, deep-fried cornmeal pancakes come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. There is no such thing as a generic arepa. Each region has its own interpretation, so arepas come with a variety name. The most common arepas are the choclo and arepa huevo, which are both made from cornmeal and fried twice, respectively.

French fries originated in Belgium

In the 18th century, the humble fried potato was a luxury for the upper classes. But the invention of the modern fried potato took place in Paris around 1855. The result is a dish that is much more expensive than its predecessor. In addition, the price of the cooking fat and the potatoes were high, making them a special treat for people. Even aristocrats started treating themselves to a few french fries.

Bubble tea originated in Taichung, Taiwan in the 1980s

The origin of bubble tea can be traced to Taichung, Taiwan. The drink is a mix of tea and milk with chewy tapioca balls. It is widely popular in Taiwan, but has also been served in many other countries. It is believed to enhance general intelligence and physical well-being. The drink is also known as pearl milk tea, boba tea, or tapioca milk tea.

Poutine is greasy, filling street food

One of Canada’s most beloved street foods, poutine is a slathering of hot, brown gravy over French fries and cheese curds. This greasy dish originated in Quebec and is now enjoyed throughout the rest of Canada and even around the world. Poutine is a high-calorie classic of Quebec casse-croutes, and its name comes from a slang word, meaning “mess.”

Arepas are popular in Japan

In Venezuela, arepas are a favorite street food. Traditionally, they are eaten for breakfast but are now available throughout the day. They are usually served with a cup of coffee and are a delicious, quick meal. In Japan, however, arepas are mostly found in restaurants and food trucks. Aside from arepas, you can also try dango (Japanese dumplings). They are made from mochiko dough and stuffed with different ingredients, such as beef or pork.