Microbiological Hazards in Street Food

street food

Street food is as diverse as Africa’s climate, cultures, and religions. As a result, a diverse array of hazards may be present in street food. Although not all of these are microbiological, the most common are. Here are some examples of pitfalls in street food:

French fries

Although the popularity of French fries as street food is growing, the origins of the food go far back. They were first mentioned in a book in 1775 and were later published in the French cookbook La cuisiniere republicaine. They soon became synonymous with the city of Paris and were named after a Belgian chef who first fried potato sticks in hot oil. In 1844, a man named Frederic Krieger took the recipe to Belgium, where he began selling what he called “Paris style fried potatoes.”

Vietnamese spring rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are delicious little rice paper wraps filled with meats and vegetables. Traditionally, they include shrimp, pork, or chicken, but these days, you can find them with other meats, including beef, fish, and tofu. You can even get some with grilled pork, fish pie, or even softshell crab! If you’re not a fan of pork, this may be the perfect street food for you!

Doner kebab

A doner kebab is a grilled meat dish typically served on a skewer. The meat may be chicken, beef, or fish, and is typically served with bread or pita. A variety of toppings are often added, including chopped onion, tomatoes, and cucumber. You can also buy a doner kebab sandwich, which has become a fast food staple around the world.


A deep-fried friter or patty made from ground chickpeas and broad beans is called a falafel. In a city, you can find them on the streets, and they are an absolute delight to eat. Falafel has become a staple of Palestinian cuisine, and can be found in countless restaurants around the world. Here’s a quick look at the history of this delicious snack.


The humble doubles is an iconic Trinidadian food, one of the island’s most well-known snacks. Once the cuisine of indentured laborers, doubles has grown to become the most popular street food in Trinidad. The humble snack has earned extraordinary global recognition, including two appearances on The Travel Channel and the endorsement of Anthony Bourdain, who ate doubles while visiting Trinidad. However, doubles have a much deeper history.


There are many ways to integrate veganism into your lifestyle. Many people are converting to veganism, but how do you incorporate it into your daily routine? This article explains how veganism is integrated into the street food world. Read on to learn more about this new trend and how you can get involved. Here are a few ideas. The Vegan Kitchen is a vegan kitchen that you can visit for inspiration. Located in the heart of the city, the Vegan Kitchen focuses on a diverse range of vegan and non-vegan street food products.

Health risks

The increase in consumption of street-vended food around the world has a number of positive effects on public health. For one, it contributes to the provision of nutrients and food to people worldwide. In fact, street foods are also known to be a probable source of micronutrient fortification, which helps prevent and treat nutritional deficiencies. However, street food is not without its own set of food safety risks. This is because street food is typically prepared in unhygienic conditions, which exposes consumers to chemical and microbiological hazards.